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Call Blocking, Call Labeling,
Scam or Fraud

Improving Contact Rates in the Evolving Ecosystem

The FCC call to action on the carriers to implement more robust robocall identification strategies has been escalating since the passing of the June Declaratory Ruling allowing carriers to block calls by default. As carriers move forward with implementation, the effects of improper call labeling may be more widely experienced by organizations relying on voice communications to engage with consumers.

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Meet Our Speakers

  • Bryce Payne

    Bryce Payne

    VP of Business
    Development | TCN

  • molly-weis

    Molly Weis

    Executive Vice President of Business Development

  • mckay-bird

    Joe Galvin

    VP of Client
    Engagement | Numeracle


In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is call labeling and blocking?
  • How are my numbers getting blocked at the carrier level?
  • What effects will SHAKEN/STIR have on-call delivery?
  • Much more, you won't want to miss it.