TCPA and the Recent FCC Ruling

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In response to the FCC ruling released July 10, 2015, TCN held an exclusive training webinar for our clients and those interested in learning about the changes that occurred.  Get the latest on TCPA and FCC rulings that were released and learn how it affects the industry and your organization as a whole.

This informative training webinar will educate attendees on the changes that have taken effect following the FCC ruling and discuss how they will impact call center operations and the industry. The webinar will also cover tips and tricks when using TCN’s manual services and how attendees can take advantage of the most TCPA-compliant dialing solutions, such as Manually Assisted Calling

TCN’s call center industry experts will advise how to leverage TCN technology to help meet TCPA needs, which include the following compliance regulations:

  • There is no present or potential capacity to auto-dial
  • Human intervention is required on every call via either a click or by pressing ten digits
  • There is no present or potential capacity for random or sequential number generation
  • There is no present or potential capacity for predictive dialing

TCN will continue to monitor the FCC ruling.

For more information, check out the rest of our Compliance Suite.

Read the FCC ruling here:

*TCN is not providing legal advice but is advising clients how our technology can help meet their TCPA needs.

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Bryce Payne, Vice President of Sales

As the Vice President of Sales, Bryce Payne spearheads all global sales efforts at TCN. With more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Bryce has significantly contributed to the company's rapid growth by successfully building partnerships across multiple industries and acquiring new customers globally.

David Bethers, Vice President of Enterprise Sales

David Bethers quickly climbed the ranks within TCN, starting as the Client Development Manager and now holding the title of Vice President of Enterprise Sales. His path to success was fueled by his drive to maximize efficiency, profitability, and growth and he did so with a focus on people, results-oriented needs assessment, and implementation management.