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Understanding the Modern Consumer

2023 Survey Results Highlighting Changes in Customer Expectations

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Customer service has never mattered more

The customer service experience you provide consumers is more important than ever with 73% of Americans sharing they are likely to abandon a brand completely after only one poor customer service experience. Not only that, 69% of consumers would pay more for a brand with good customer service.

It’s hard to provide the ideal customer experience unless you can clue into exactly what they expect. Download TCN’s 2023 Consumer Insights Survey results to learn exactly what you need to do to increase your brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Nothing has replaced the human touch

With the development of increasingly impressive IVR and omnichannel solutions, it could be fair to assume consumers are happy with getting their problems solved without ever speaking to a live agent.

While 68% of respondents reported being somewhat or extremely satisfied using self-service options, there is still a strong need for human intervention. The majority of consumers (53%) prefer talking to a human over any other communication method, proving there is yet to be a good replacement for the human touch in your contact center.

Want to know more? Download the 2023 Consumer Survey results for more key insights for your contact center.

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