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Understanding the Modern Consumer

2022 Survey Results about Consumer Experiences with Customer Service

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Positive Customer Experiences are More Important Than Ever

In an age of uncertainty, how companies and their customer service teams operate is still in question. TCN’s 2022 consumer survey results reveal that despite the labor shortage the country has been experiencing over the past two years, customer service seems to have improved overall in the eyes of the consumer.
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  • How consumers react after a poor customer service experience
  • How likely consumers are to recommend a brand
  • Consumers’ worst fears when interacting with customer service
  • Which industry consumers named for best service
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    A call center agent's ability to solve a customer's issue is critical, especially for the 52% of consumers who chose this as a top-three quality of an agent. Equally important is getting the customer through to the right agent; when asked what is most important when contacting a company's customer service department, 48% said: "easy to get through to a live agent."

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